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WubbaNub-BooBoo MooMoo

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BooBoo MooMoo WubbaNub
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Easy for baby to hold and hard for parents to lose. Mary Meyer’s exclusive license for WubbaNub pacifiers.

WubbaNub with sewn in Soothie brand pacifier, a Mary Meyer exclusive license. A true standalone item – WubbaNub infant pacifiers have become almost a necessity for all new moms. Plush animal makes it easy for baby to grasp and manipulate the pacifier. A truly soothing gift, WubbaNub benefits are many.

– 6?
– Packaged for gift giving
– Machine washable
– Medical grade silicone Soothie pacifier
– Latex, BPA, PVC and Phthalate free
– All embroidered details
– No pacifier cords or clips
– No beans or pellets
– Recommended for newborns through 6 months
– Not suggested for babies with teeth or in teething stage

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