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For the Grill | Reversible Rib Rack (Nonstick)

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Reversible Rib Rack (Nonstick)
Part Number: GFQD50
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Perfect for Ribs, Whole Chickens, Hams and More!

Reverse your style with the dual rib rack & roaster. Position rack upright to cook 6 slabs of ribs, or flip it over to cook turkey, chicken & roasts. Made of carbon steel, the rack's elevated design allows air circulation for even-browning and its PTFE/PFOA free nonstick coating makes for easy clean up. For use in the oven or on the grill, the rib rack has built-in handles for easy transport. Grill ribs, roast or turkey with this roasting rack.


  • Hold up to six full slabs of ribs
  • Reversible construction allows for use with other meats such as large roast or turkey
  • Holds up to 6 full slabs of ribs upright; holds large roasts and turkeys
  • Elevated rack for air circulation; use on grill or in oven
  • Built-in handles for easy movement
  • Handle Material: Carbon steel

Product Details

  • Material: Carbon Steel

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