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For the Grill | Food Smoker, Matte Black

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DESIGNED FOR FLAVOR - to ensure the taste of your food doesn’t get over-smoked and ruined, our state-of-the-art designed fan filters out the heat from the smoke so the smoke is cool when leaving the nozzle and your food stays as you perfected it.

BATTERY OPERATED- you should not have to be near an outlet every time you want to get quick fresh smoked food, with the Outset Portable Infusion Smoker that’s battery operated just press the button and it’s working.

EASY STORAGE- if you like good tasty smoked food that doesn’t mean you need a large storage room, garage or shed to store it, with this compact size it doesn’t matter the size of your apartment, you can keep it everywhere including cabinet, pantry or anywhere where something small fits. 

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